Oh the perils of unattended technology! We left two Everykeys alone for a couple of minutes (max!) and look what happend:


We’re happy to announce that we just picked up the first batch of a new revision of the PCB, assembled some keys and … everything seems to work nicely!




  • Two buttons! (Both RESET and PROGRAMMING mode pins on buttons, no more re-plugging)
  • 30% Smaller:¬†svelte¬†20×20 mm instead of bovine 24×24 mm
  • 0603 component size (“Do these 0805 resistors make my ass look fat?”)
  • Large top layer pads and additional diodes to allow easy, safe connection of external power and access to USB voltage
  • Readable print on the PCB!
  • Of course, we kept all breakout pads on the back side (ribbon cable pitch)

As things seem to work, we’re now getting ready to release the schematics and board files, updating the site and SDK.

If you want to see our baby up close, why not drop by Interactive Cologne? (We’ll provide an update about other upcoming conferences and appearances soon…)

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