Everykey was on then road again… We had a small appearance at the wonderful Raspberry Pi Jam hosted by Ordina in Utrecht (NL). The event seemed almost like an embedded hardware jam, with talks by the folks from the Amersfoort Hackspace Bitlair (the guys responsible for the awesome LED lighting at OHM2013 — roughly 1 km of RGB LED strips turned into remote controllable “streetlights”), Gert van Loo, one of the engineers responsible for the Raspberry Pi board and maker of the Gertboard expansion. Finally, Jeremy from Autostatic demonstrated real time audio effects. Only problem was that I was too busy talking to people (and regretting not speaking Dutch) that I forgot to take pictures! Thanks to Ordina for this event and especially to Marco Hebing (@TRexX) for inviting us!

Everykey was on tour in Hungary this summer. Budapest is awesome, they still have actual electronic stores that have an actual inventory of parts that are actually useful:


This is Lomex (walking distance from Nyugati Station). The people from the Hungarian Autonomous Center for Knowledge were kind enough to provide me with a list of stores, which I will share in case you ever have the pleasure to be in Budapest and need some surface mount devices:

  • Lomex 1134 Budapest, Lehel utca 17. 
  •  HR Elektronika 1074 Budapest, Vörösmarty utca 5. (has no English,
  •    homepage open on Monday to Friday, 9.00-17.00)
  •  – Mikronika 1111 Budapest, Budafoki út 10/B. (has no official homepage, open on Monday to Friday, 10.00-16.00, maybe till 17.00)

Also, the folks at the H.A.C.K. were kind enough to allow me to hold a small introductory workshop. It’s a really cool place, well worth visiting if you are ever in the area.


Just so you know:

we will be presenting rev2 of the Everykey at Interactive Cologne on June 18th and 19th in Cologne. We’ll  be around building an interactive musical instrument based on Everykey together with visitors. Say, write or tweet something nice about us, let us know and you can win a free ticket to this awesome two day event! (it’s a hackathon and startup conference rolled into one…)

Quick Update!

Here’s what we built:


Short term notice: We’ll have a short talk about the Everykey at the Minikonferenz located at the Startplatz, Mediapark, Cologne, on March 7, 2013. Since we’re hackers (and painters, sort of), we decided to tell some stories. You have been warned. Unlike our other presentations, we might not start it with pictures of cats and babies, you’ll see.

The place will most likely be quite crowded with interesting people and ideas all around – sounds like it’s going to be fun. Have a look at their site – participation is free!

Everykey goes International!

We’re currently planing to hold an SMD Soldering workshop during which you will build your own Everykey in The Netherlands at the hack42 in Arnhem. Apart from assembling an Everykey, we’ll discuss the entire design so you’ll learn what all the parts is good for and will provide a quick introduction to programming the device with our SDK . You can read a description of a previous workshop here in case you are interested and would like to learn more. We’ll be able to stick around all day, so we can go into more details than normally and hack a bit more.

If you are interested: the workshop will take place at the beginning of next year and we are currently trying to find a suitable date, you can help by filling out preferences:


Participation in the workshop will be around €35 (we’ll split our travel expenses among all the participants + €25 for parts and materials)

The workshop will be help in English (though we can answer questions in German and pretend Dutch!)

More info.

So we’ve been busy these last couple of days. Apart from our new toy (more on our progress with our CNC router soon!) we’ve hosted two workshops last weekend, totaling 16 Everykeys built. First workshop was on Saturday at the Elisabeth-von-Thüringen-Gymnasium in Cologne. It was incredibly fun to work together with a group of highly motivated young adults and we’re very anxious to find out what sort of things they’ll be building with the keys….

Workshop Elisabeth-von-Thüringen-Gymnasium 2012-10-13

The second workshop was a public workshop at the Dingfabrik in Cologne:

Dingfabrik Workshop 2012-10-14

unfortunately in a way, there was such high demand for the workshop that we couldn’t fit everybody in. More people ended up showing that had registered and it was quite a tight fit with 10 participants. Because of the waiting list, we’ll definitely be holding more workshops, including not just  “solder your own” events, but also some more in depth programming workshops in which we’ll delve deeper into embedded programming. Send us a quick mail (info@everykey.de) in case you’d like to be informed about future workshops, know of a good venue within a reasonable distance from Cologne or would like a “private” session at your school or company or just want to chat.

Thanks very much to all the great participants and the feedback you’ve provided!

We’re offering an Build-Your-Own-And-Learn-How-It-Works workshop for the Everykey on Sunday October 14. 2012 at the Dingfabrik in Cologne!

In this workshop we’ll solder an Everykey development kit.

The Everykey board is a tiny prototyping and development board. It can be used to build USB peripherals, standalone applications or to simply have fun with a powerful embeded controller. SMD soldering seems challenging at first: the components are tiny! In this workshop we’ll show you it’s nowhere as difficult as you might think. Being able to solder SMD opens a whole new world of components to you that just aren’t available in the old, through-hole world, from more powerful microprocessors to mems gyrosensors.

While we’re soldering we’ll explain the functionality of all the parts in detail, you won’t be just be putting together a puzzle, but gain a full understanding of how the circuit works.

The board features a powerful 32-Bit, 72 MHz ARM Cortex M3 microcontroller, a full-speed USB port, a LED, a button and solder points for most of the processor’s pins. The design of the board and the SDK we’re developing is completely open source. Once it’s assembled it’s just as easy to work with as Arduino, just much more powerful.

Click here for Registration!

Expected Length: roughly 4 hours (open end)
Cost: €25, includes kit and all materials
No previous experience required
Tools: we’ll provide all necessary tools and equipment

People with glasses should bring a magnifying device compatible with their eyewear!

Dingfabrik Köln e.V.
Deutz-Mülheimer-Str. 129
51063 Köln-Mülheim

Incidentally, there will also be Introduction to Electronic Workshop at Dingfabrik the weekend before our workshop. We’re not associated with it, but it sounds fun.

Also, in case you’d like a similar workshop at your company christmas party or something, we are for sale!